Need a remedy to remove nits, dandruff and hair fall? Need silky shiny soft black hair by natural products that we get at home.

One of the best ways to get rid of nits and lice is to remove them with a lice comb or tweezers rather than using products. There are a variety of home remedies you can use as well, and each of them is effective when used over a long period of time. These remedies include olive oil, real mayonnaise and also Vaseline. Apply anyone one these substances directly to your hair and leave on for a night. The next day wash it out and shampoo your hair. Dandruff more often than not is caused by a low level of health, stress, an underlying medical condition and sometimes constipation. Therefore as far as possible maintain a healthy diet and wash your hair regularly. To treat the dandruff you can use fresh lime juice to rinse your hair after a shampoo.

You could also treat your dandruff problem with the help of green gram powder. Every two days in a week take two tablespoons of the green gram powder and mix it with about a half a cup of curd. In order to make your hair soft and shiny you need to maintain a proper well balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. This helps supply a sufficient amount of nutrients needed for the healthy growth of hair and is one of the most effective remedies to treat dull and limp hair. Take some beer in a spray bottle and after washing and styling your hair spray some of it on your hair, the beer will give your hair sheen and also make it bouncy.

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Are you sure that you have nits? Many people confuse dandruff with nits, but there is a big difference between the two. Nits are basically the eggs of lice, which are parasites that feed on human blood. The most common lice are head lice, which, as the name suggests, make their home in the hair that is on our heads. If you have nits, you probably also have lice, or at least had lice till very recently. Sometimes even after all the lice have been killed and the eggs too have been "killed", the eggs continue to stick to the hair. To get rid of the eggs, you can rinse your hair with a solution of vinegar and water, and later, when your hair is dry, use a louse comb. If you still have lice, vinegar might work to kill them too, but the best treatment is a delousing shampoo. If you prefer, you can use a herbal shampoo.

Dandruff is an entirely different problem – it is not living organisms, but simply dead skin that flakes off the scalp in unusually large quantities. Dandruff too causes itching, but this is because of dryness or a fungal infection. If you have dandruff you need to switch to a milder shampoo, but wash your hair more thoroughly, leaving the shampoo in for a couple of minutes before rinsing your hair. You should also massage your hair with oil at least an hour before washing it. If the cause of dandruff is a fungal infection, the vinegar solution will help here too.

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