I am a 63 year old female. For the past several months, a lot of hair comes out in my hands when I shampoo and condition my hair. There is no hair on my pillow when I wake up in the morning. What can I do to prevent this hair loss?

At your age, you can accept the fact that hair loss is a natural way of life. Sometimes, strands that have been weakened from the root need an extra push in order to fall out completely. It is entirely possible that when your hair is wet, it gets that push and the weakest strands fall out at that time. If there is no hair falling on your pillow, it is a good sign. This means that your hair has still manages to retain a modicum of strength. You can take some easy steps to prevent your hair from falling further. Avoid using a hair dryer and hair irons, as these will weaken your hair from the root and make it fall only faster. Try to use only a wide tooth comb or brush for your hair, since fine teeth will pull unnecessarily at it.

Massage your scalp once a week with warm olive oil or coconut oil, leave the oil in your hair overnight and wash it off the next morning with a mild shampoo. Please do remember that while you are massaging your hair in this fashion, it may fall. Do not worry about this hair fall – it is completely natural and cannot be avoided. You can also make a paste of almonds and milk and apply this to your roots. This will help to retain strength in your hair as well.

answered by M W

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