February 18, 2008

Benefits of a Massage Chair

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

Almost all of us crave for a nice relaxing massage after getting home from a day of hard work, particularly with the rising stress levels at the work place. This is however not feasible in most cases and in addition to this the services of a professionally trained masseuse are quite expensive when available. The massage chair was created to meet this need. It was launched in the market sometime around 1980. With the goal to alleviate tension, stress and back pain, this chair is ergonomically designed to imitate the actual motions of a real massage therapist.

There are a wide variety of massage styles but as of now, there are only two types of massage that a massage chair can emulate; the Shiatsu and Swedish. The main reason behind this is that these two types of massage concentrate on rolling and rotating and kneading and gliding. In order to provide the same techniques as a real massage therapist does, these chairs are designed with three major components. The first component is the motor that is mainly responsible for the operation. The second one is the nodes and rollers. As the chair is turned on, the nodes and rollers start to work, based on what the owner chooses. The last component is the computer adjustability node which is the most important in order to be able to achieve a realistic massage feeling. This makes the device very dynamic and allows for the adjustment of length, width and height as selected by the person using it.

A massage chair is highly beneficial and of course, this is intended for personal use. A massage chair is no substitute for a massage therapist and it is not meant to be so. People who are too busy to take the time to visit a massage spa or salon may just buy it and use it whenever they feel stressed or tense. It also works out to be a lot more economical for many because of the high costs at massage parlors and spas. Its benefits are similar to that of what Swedish and Shiatsu massage can offer; increased blood circulation, smooth blood flow and tension reliever.

Though a massage chair can actually give same benefits as the other types of massage, nothing beats the personal touch. This is just an alternative to provide you to provide you the relaxation you’ve really been wanting but can’t have because of your hectic and busy schedule.