May 29, 2009

Causes & Home Remedies For White Bumps Or Blisters In Mouth

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A sore is defined as an eruption on the skin that is usually discolored which may or may not contain fluid in it. An individual usually experiences a single large sore in the affected area or several small spot like sores in the affected area. There are many causes of sores as there are many different types of sores. Some of these are caused by infection while others are caused by injury related damage that subsequently turns into a sore. Whatever may be the condition, it is always important to seek medical advice when one experiences a sore or sores in the mouth. This will ensure that if the condition is indeed caused by infection, it can taken care of by medication.

When one experiences small white bumps in the mouth, it is important to diagnose the condition at the very outset. An accurate patient history is essential when diagnosing the causes of white sores. It should be understood that white sores in the mouth may be caused by sexually transmitted infections. It is thus important for the patient not to be hesitant about sharing information about sexual activity with the doctor. This information could be vital when it comes to the diagnosis process. Some sexually transmitted infections can be highly contagious which is why it is important to ensure that they are treated before the individual engages in any further sexual activity.

One of the common white sores causes is the herpes simplex virus. The herpes simplex virus is a sexually transmitted infection that passes between an infected individual and an uninfected individual particularly when the infected individual is suffering from an outbreak of sores. The herpes virus may live in the body for many years, often without any noticeable symptoms. However, when the virus erupts into white sores, it is considered to be in its active phase and this is when it is most dangerous to the individual.

In general it can be said that small white bumps in the mouth or white blister dots in the mouth are not canker sores. Canker sores are the type of sores that develop with a yellowish center with red skin or tissue around it. This yellowish area tends to have pus in it and may burst at some point. Therefore an individual with small white bumps in the mouth may not be suffering from canker sores.

Apart from infections, one may also suffer from injury related white bumps in the mouth. The most common oral injuries occur due to excessively hot food or due to one biting or scraping a part of the inside of the mouth with one’s own teeth. A common injury that occurs is related to food that may have pockets of hot or super hot air in it. This is common of sandwiches, pizzas or any type of food that inflates or expands during cooking. Pockets of hot air may be released when one chews the food and this can cause injuries in the mouth. It must be said that white sores causes are usually infection based, especially if the sores are in the form of small dots. It is therefore necessary to seek medical attention for the condition as a diagnosis is of great importance in such a situation.

There are some home remedies for white sores in the mouth but these are usually limited to reducing the discomfort felt by the individual or aiding the medication for a swifter recovery. One should also avoid excessively hot or cold beverages. Gargling with warm salt water is a great way of providing relief to sores as well as of cleaning some of the infectious material that may be present on the surface or in an erupted sore. During the active phase of the infection, the individual should maintain impeccable oral hygiene and should wash the mouth regularly, especially after meals and drinks. It may be advisable to avoid aerated drinks during this time as they tend to exacerbate sores in the mouth and throat.

With infection based white sores, an individual may develop a fever as well. This is simply because the body is making an attempt to fight off the infection. The presence of a fever is also diagnostically relevant as it would indicate that the condition is most likely infection based. In order to diagnose the condition properly, the doctor may also need to take a tissue sample from the infected sore for analysis in a laboratory. This analysis will be used to determine the exact type of virus present in the mouth. Following this an exact course of treatment can be determined and effective steps will be taken. It is important that the individual keeps away from any sexual activity while he or she is suffering from white sores in the mouth, at least until the condition is diagnosed.