How to get rid of a mouth soar or mouth blister?

There is no way to simply get rid of an oral ulcer (or sore or blister). An oral ulcer will usually heal on its own, and any treatment is meant only to reduce the pain and discomfort, and avoid further irritating or otherwise worsening the ulcer. To some extent, maintaining strict oral hygiene will help speed up healing by restricting the growth of bacteria. This can be done by rinsing the mouth with an antibacterial solution at least twice a day. Antibacterial mouthwashes are easily available, and you can either use one of these or prepare a home made mouthwash by mixing a variety of substances such as lemon juice, aloe gel, salt water, cloves or clove oil, rosemary, and aniseed. You can choose which of these ingredients you want to use, and find a mixture that suits your taste and needs. For the antibacterial effect however, you will need to use one of these ingredients: alcohol (preferably vodka), tea tree oil, or myrrh.

Apart from this, the only thing you need to do is avoid spicy food or any other foods that can irritate the oral lining or the ulcer. Tobacco smoke can also irritate and ulcer, and you should therefore avoid smoking or being around people who smoke.

There are many different causes of oral ulcers, and what is more important than treatment is to determine the cause and address it, especially if you suffer from oral ulcers on a regular basis. The most common and usually harmless cause of oral ulcers is injury. The injury can be the result of some impact, due to accidentally biting the lining of the mouth, due to a chipped, sharp tooth, or the result of piercing of the lining by sharp, rough food, dentures or braces. In the case of dentures, braces, or a broken tooth, the problem needs to be addressed of course, in order to avoid repeated injuries and ulcers. In all other cases however, the ulcer is quite likely to be a rare, occasional occurrence, and no action is required.

Apart from this, a variety of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections can cause the development of ulcers. Ulcers can also be the result of a sort of allergic reaction, where the body’s immune system responds aggressively to certain harmless substances. On the other hand, a weak immune system can also result in chronic ulcers, as the body is unable to fight relatively harmless infections. If you have a chronic ulcer problem, you should therefore discuss it with your doctor.

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