May 27, 2009

Treatment for Blisters (Sores) on Legs

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Sores can be caused due to a large number of reasons. The first things you need to eliminate will be the simplest ones. Shoes can be a large reason for sores that have developed on the legs or feet. If you have bought a new pair of shoes recently, even if they are new slippers, you need to check and see if they are responsible for the sores that have developed on your legs. Rubber slippers that slap against your feet with each step can specifically be the cause of sores or even sore feet. You could have also developed sores on your legs due to an allergic reaction that has occurred. This could be an allergy caused due to your skin coming in contact with something new. It could be a fabric you may have worn or something like a plant or some other organic product you may have come into contact with. Your best bet in any and all cases would be to get a doctor to examine your sores. This is the most correct and efficient way to get a diagnosis. This way, you will also avoid doing something that may aggravate the situation. Anyway, you can apply a mixture made with turmeric powder and water to heal your sores. Turmeric powder is a universal antiseptic agent that can work towards healing almost all kinds of open sores and lacerations. It also has no side effects, so even if it does not work, you are still safe from any harm or damage.

You should also examine things like whether you have been to a new place like the beach or any woods recently. Sometimes, the animal and plant life present in natural environments can cause such unusual and unexpected problems. You are advised to speak to professionals who have some experience in these areas to get a proper treatment in place for your sores in that case. If your sores are due to an injury, you can work towards providing relief quite easily. If you have inflamed sores, you can apply insulated ice packs to them. The packs should be insulated because you should not expose them to water. This may worsen them instead of having a positive effect. If you notice no difference after applying ice packs, then wait for a period of about 12 hours, and then try to apply hot packs. Either method should show positive results.