Eczema treatment with tiny little blisters

The bumps that are reddish in color may be caused due an infection of eczema. When eczema affects a part of the skin; the affected area normally starts to itch, then eventually turns red, and then leads to the formation of tiny little blisters or bumps that are sometimes painful. If the eczema starts to develop into a long term infection then the affected area becomes thick and the bumps start to turn scaly and start to change color. When this happens the eczema can be dangerous as it becomes more infectious and you will have to seek prompt medical attention in order to avoid further complications. Eczema is mostly caused due to an allergy or contact with chemicals that can cause a bad reaction with the skin. Sometimes it may also be caused due to an already present medical condition or fluid retention in the legs. The best way to treat this is to consult your doctor and also identify if you have had a family history of allergic reactions to certain chemicals or potential allergens. Based on this you can then identify the exact cause of the allergy or rash and make change to your diet (if certain foods are causing an allergy) or stop the use of certain products or chemicals that may be causing the allergy.

If there is no improvement then you may have to consider using a corticosteroid cream or ointment or the prescription of an antihistamine. If there is a sign of a bacterial infection then you may also need to take an antibiotic course. Therefore it is advisable to consult your doctor now, when your symptoms are still in the nascent stage. Finally make sure to wear loose cotton clothing during the course of your treatment as synthetic materials will tend to aggravate the itching.

answered by M W

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