May 15, 2009

Tips on How to Avoid Blisters In The Mouth

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Blisters in the mouth or mouth blisters are sometimes also referred to as canker sores. This is a commonly observed medical condition in people of all ages and gender across the world. Many a times these blood blisters are caused inside the mouth because of some trauma and they are known to heal on their after some time. Blisters in the mouth are observed very often in both adults as well as children and although they are relatively harmless they are known to be painful at times and thereby highly unpleasant. Blisters in the mouth are commonly found to be occurring on the loose tissues in the mouth such as the inner lip, cheek, soft palate, the throat and even the floor of the mouth. It is not possible to pinpoint mouth blister causes in children but medical experts believe that the consumption of sugary products and chocolates may contribute towards the formation of mouth blisters in children. There are also certain medical conditions which may result in mouth blisters in people such as a viral infection, mouth injury, anemia, dietary deficiency, herpes simplex, chronic infections and so on. An effective mouth blisters remedy that may be used to reduce the frequency of the occurrence of mouth blisters is to brush ones teeth often and well and to also use an antibacterial mouthwash.

Sometimes people also develop blisters in the mouth and because of a fever or a cold. In such cases one may be able to minimize the severity of the fever blisters by taking some antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. These medications once consumed are known to immediately reduce the size and the severity of the blister as well as the length of time for which the blister will remain in the mouth or even on the feet in some cases. Sometimes people may also develop blood blisters in their mouth after eating, especially if some sharp splinter of the food has cut the soft tissue inside the mouth or if the food is excessively spicy or because or certain allergic reactions to the food consumed. A natural cure for blister in the mouth is to use straw while drinking as far as possible so as to prevent the liquids from coming into contact with the areas of the mouth that have become sensitive on account of the mouth blisters. Another one of the natural mouth blisters remedies is to avoid consuming foods or beverages that are known to irritate or aggravate the sores in the mouth. This includes foods such as fruits juices or citrus fruits that are known to be highly acidic, spicy food or even sharp foods such as potato chips or pretzel or foods that are too hot. Blisters in the mouth that are formed on account of the individual suffering from a cold are also known as cold sores and are highly contagious. This is because cold sores usually tend to occur because of high levels or stress or a weakened immune system which may be on account of the herpes simplex virus.

On the other hand canker sores are also blisters that form inside the mouth that are not contagious and are mostly due to certain nutritional deficiencies, stress and allergies. Mouth blisters may also be a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s and hence they need to be addressed immediately in such cases. One of the treatments for blisters above gums in kids includes using a towel that has been soaked in some ice cold water and some salt and then frequently dabbing the blisters as often as possible during the day. One of the mouth blisters remedies also includes applying some garlic oil to the blisters on a regular basis as garlic is known to be a highly effective disinfectant. Another natural mouth blisters remedy is to ensure that the areas that are affected by the blisters are kept free form sweat and moisture as far as possible as this may aggravate the blisters further. Home remedies for mouth blisters also include gargling ones mouth with a mixture of coconut water and honey frequently during the day. This home treatment is known to be effective in treating mouth blisters because the cooling properties of coconut milk help in soothing the discomfort that is associated with mouth blisters and honey on the other hand is known to its healing properties.

Mouth blisters are also found in adults on account of high stress levels; hence one of the natural treatments for mouth blisters is to avoid traumatic and stressful situations as far as possible as the stress will further weaken the immune system thereby delaying the healing of the mouth blisters. Sometimes people suffering from bronchitis may also develop mouth blisters and hence a proper medical diagnosis is required so as to follow the appropriate treatment for mouth blisters. One of the most effective and popularly used mouth blisters remedies is to prepare a paste of basil leaves and then apply this paste to the mouth blisters. Basil leaves paste is known to be very effective in drying up the mouth blisters. One may also simply chew on the basil leaves to aid the healing of mouth blisters naturally.

One of the natural ways to gain relief from mouth blisters is to prepare a paste of ice cold water and some baking soda onto the mouth blisters. In fact this natural remedy is known to reduce the blisters and make them completely disappear with two to three days. Some of the other mouth blisters causes include wearing poorly fitting dentures, sensitivity to certain medication or biting ones lip or inner cheek accidentally while eating. In fact many people are also known to suffer from mouth blisters on account of gluten intolerance which is a food allergy that is known to result in sores and mouth blisters. One of the home remedies for mouth sores is to place a moistened tea bag on the mouth sore for at least ten minutes. This home remedy is known to be effective in minimizing the swelling or the inflammation.