July 13, 2010

Tips to Recover from Frequent Masturbation

Posted in Category : Sexual Health

Everyone’s body is different. While some people feel the urge to masturbate at least once a day, others do it only once a week, and some others less often than that. Most doctors recommend a steady, controllable habit of about once a week. If you do it more than once a week it should not pose any major problem, but frequent masturbation, especially if prolonged over a period of years, can be a cause for concern.

Over masturbation could result in both mental and physical problems. Excessive masturbation can bring about a slow erosion process of the urethra, which could make it tender and in some cases overly sensitive. This may cause either painful urination or an uncomfortable burning sensation after urination, or just general pain and discomfort in the penis and groin area. The best way to cure any of these problems would be to abstain from masturbation for a certain period of time. But if you do have continued physical complaints you should consult a medical physician immediately.

In addition to the physical problems, over masturbation could also result in some acute mental health issues. It is found that people who over masturbate, are generally trying to fill some void in their lives or are unhappy with their lives. They might also be addicted to the endorphin high that an orgasm is associated with. A person’s ability to fully recover from over masturbation depends on the age and other factors such as diet and lifestyle.

People who over masturbate tend to experience lack of focus and concentration in life, complain of fatigue and are unable to accomplish much in their lives. If you feel that you are suffering from over masturbation it is important that you take a close family member or friend into confidence about your condition. You have to understand that if you feel pain it usually means that something is wrong. And so whether it is either masturbation or ejaculating, you would need to stop doing it immediately. The surest way of recovering from over masturbation would be to fill your life with activities that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Quite often when people are stressed out they masturbate to feel better. And sometimes this becomes a habit of choice. Remember that there are other better ways to release your stress like listening to good music, exercising regularly and spending time with the family. If all else fails consult a psychiatrist or your medical practitioner for further guidance.