I don't have a strong moustache, what is the treatment?

With facial hair back in fashion, your question couldn't have come at a better time. Before we get into the details of improving your moustache, let us just say that growing out facial hair requires commitment. For most men, especially younger men, a beard or moustache can take up to a month to grow out fully. This can mean days of itchy hair growth and irritated skin. So if you are definite that it's a moustache that you want, be prepared to wait it out.

There are a few ways that may help you grow a stronger moustache. While none of these are scientifically proven, trying them out can do no harm:

  • Experts believe that good hair growth is intrinsically connected to your diet. Protein rich foods such as fish, meat and eggs can help overall hair growth so add some to your daily diet.
  • Get a good night's sleep and some regular exercise as lower stress levels can also improve hair growth.
  • Certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies may be affecting your hair growth. Increase the amount of vitamins B6, E and C in your diet or speak to your doctor about supplements.
  • Flaxseed oil and vitamin E oil is believed to help improve hair growth as well.
  • Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily to help flush out toxins and improve your health and immunity. In this way, you will also improve the health of your skin and hair.
  • Dermatologists and trichologists recommend the inclusion of 2.5mg of biotin to a daily diet to increase facial hair growth. Consult with your doctor or specialist for the proper dosage before beginning any new health regime.
  • Do not trim or shave your hair for at least a month so as to not interfere with the hair growth. While this can be painful and often irritating, regular shaving can leave hair rough and reduce growth as well.
Ultimately, it's your family genes and your testosterone levels that will determine the speed and rate of your facial hair growth. So, it may be best not to fight nature too much. If, even after all your efforts, your moustache or beard is not as luxurious as you hoped, then look for alternative styles that may suit you better. For example, try a French beard or a goatee if your hair remains wispy or a thinner moustache if a bushy one doesn't seem to be appearing.

answered by A S

Health advice to grow a moustache-

  1. Apply arnica montana based oil on the mustache area and massage gently upon it for 2 minutes. Then take steam over this for 5 minutes. Leave it for 3-5 hours. Then wash with normal water and glycerin soap. Wipe it dry. After drying the area, shave with a razor in this area in vertical moves from up to down. Follow this same procedure every 4th day for 2 months.
  2. You may take a homeopathic remedy called Arnica montana 30, 5 pills 2 times daily for 2 months.
  3. Eat more almonds and soya beans daily. Consume 7 almonds in the early morning after soaking them overnight. Eat about 50 gms of soya beans boiled with salt, add pepper as per taste.

answered by D M K

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