51 Health and Beauty Tips

51 Health and Beauty Tips Natural remedies are the best way to maintain your health and beauty, as opposed to harsh medications and cosmetics. The concept of beauty appeals to all of us and is something fundamentally human. Health and beauty go hand in hand, as good health is a guarantee for a healthy body. Here are some natural remedies that will help enhance your health and beauty.

Health Tips:

  1. Adequate sleep is essential for good health. Get an average of 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.
  2. If you can't exercise at a stretch, exercise in small intervals of one minute of high intensity running or stair climbing or jumping followed by 1 minute of slow relaxed walking or marching. Do it for 5-6 minutes 3 times a day.
  3. Jumping on a rebounder is a great exercise. It helps tone and tighten the body, enhances blood circulation, and reduces cellulite. It is also easier on the knee and ankle joints and hence a great option for people who suffer from joint pains but want to lose weight.
  4. Enroll in an exercise form like Pilates, traditional yoga, power yoga or aerobics. Alternatively enroll in a salsa class or kick boxing for added fitness.
  5. Kegel Exercises are great for strengthening pelvic muscles. They are recommended during pregnancy for ease of delivery.
  6. Deep breathing exercises work wonders for health. Practically all diseases are believed to be curable by practicing various deep breathing exercises on a regular basis.
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best consumed unheated. It is best to use it as a salad dressing instead of cooking with it. Drink 15 ml of Virgin coconut Oil twice a day for increasing BMR, battling thyroid and losing weight.
  8. Wheat Grass or Spirulina are great health tonics. Consume them once a day for total health rejuvenation
  9. Substitute one meal with black beans and salad. Black beans provide roughage and proteins and keep you feeling fuller for a longer time.
  10. Avoid eating late at night. It's best to consume the last meal of the day by 7:00pm. Eating late or eating just before bed time does not give the body enough time to digest it. Also, since activity levels decrease with the passing day, less calories are needed and hence eating late at night risks the food being stored as fat instead of being utilized as energy.
  11. Opt for organic sesame oil or coconut oil as your cooking medium, as they are least prone to oxidation due to heat and retain almost all nutrients on heating even at a high temperature.
  12. 1-2 garlic pods chopped and swallowed with water first thing in the morning can keep heart ailments at bay, reduce cholesterol, increase BMR, and boost the immune system.
  13. Consume at least one cup of organic green tea a day.
  14. Apples are a great source of fiber. People suffering from constipation must include at least two apples a day. Sprinkle with psyllium husk for added roughage.
  15. String cheese, pickles, olives, and dried fruits make for healthy snacks instead of refined foods since they are low calorie foods, rich in proteins and good fats. They keep one feeling fuller for longer and hence help avoid binge eating.
  16. Calcium is one of the key ingredients for weight loss. Lack of calcium will deter any weight loss efforts. Include dairy products like milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt for daily calcium requirement.
  17. Try using organic whole milk instead of the homogenized versions; the fresher the better.
  18. Ensure that that your intake of good fats like the Omega 3 fatty acids in adequate amounts. They help fight fat and keep the heart healthy. Rich sources of Omega 3 Fatty acids include wheat germ oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, purslane (dark, leafy green used throughout Mediterranean countries), hemp seed oil, flaxseeds and its oil.
  19. Organic foods are wholesome and nutritious as opposed to pesticide laden and genetically altered foods. Hence it is always advisable to opt for the organic varieties of foods.
  20. Refined foods contain high sodium levels and empty calories. Avoid them.
  21. Ensure that you get adequate proteins if you are a vegetarian. Pulses are an excellent vegetarian source.
  22. Skim milk is made by removing milk fat. The remaining milk is full of milk sugar or lactose and devoid of many nutrients. Lactose is a simple sugar and is responsible for massive weight gain. Instead of drinking skimmed milk, try diluting full fat or whole milk with water. Alternatively prefer 2% milk.
  23. Almost any dental ailment is known to be cured with gargling with organic sesame oil for 5 minutes for a few days.
  24. Stay clear of diet sodas and sugar free foods. They contain artificial sweeteners, which contain Aspartame. This causes insulin spikes, lowers blood sugar, and makes you hungrier.
  25. Aromatherapy and steam inhalation are great remedies that will rejuvenate and cleanse your respiratory system irrespective of your health status.

Beauty Tips:

  1. Splash water over your face at regular intervals for keeping the pores unclogged and the skin hydrated.
  2. Keep your skin well hydrated in both summer and winter. If you're allergic to any moisturizer, apply a mashed banana mixed with cream and honey. Rinse after 15 minutes.
  3. Castor oil is a great moisturizer. Apply some to the face and dry elbows, knees and heels and keep it overnight to soften them. Rinse with warm water in the morning.
  4. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to a warm bath during winter to prevent the skin from drying. Olive oil mixed with egg and lemon juice is a time tested face mask for younger and firmer skin.
  5. Salt, sugar, oatmeal, crushed almond, and gram flour, make for excellent scrubs. Mix with some cleansing cream or simply with milk or yogurt. Scrub the face in a gentle circular motion for removing dead skin cells.
  6. To combat greasy skin, make a paste of lettuce leaf, a small rose and lime juice. Apply over the face and keep it on for 15 minutes, before rinsing off.
  7. Cucumber is a good cooler and a cleanser. Cucumber juice is also a great astringent. Just dab it on before you leave the house to venture into the sunny outside.
  8. Olive Oil mixed with equal quantities of vinegar is an excellent remedy to remove a sun tan.
  9. A pinch of camphor powder mixed in coconut oil massaged over blemishes helps lighten them and in many cases completely obliterates them.
  10. Rubbing a raw potato slice over the eyes can help reduce dark circles.
  11. Tomato is known to obliterate blackheads. Rub a tomato slice over the corner of the nose and other areas prone to blackheads.
  12. Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the most effective oils in treating skin ailments and allergies. Psoriasis, eczema, and pigmentation, all find a remedy in Virgin Coconut Oil. It is an excellent moisturizer and a night repair treatment.
  13. Evening Primrose oil in capsule form is great for overall skin health.
  14. Ageing women often opt for electrolytic peel treatments. Instead opt for homemade peels. Try this peel mask: mix dried yeast, orange juice, raw milk and rose water in sufficient quantities. Apply on the face till it dries and rinse off with warm water. This is one of the most effective home peel treatments if done consistently twice a week.
  15. Vitamin E is the secret to great skin. Include wheat germ in your daily diet for a daily dose of Vitamin E.
  16. Vitamin C enhances overall skin health. Consume Indian gooseberry to obtain your daily dose of Vitamin C.
  17. Daily intake of carrot, beetroot and celery juice can keep the skin looking radiant and young.
  18. Massage your lips using a soft toothbrush and any toothpaste. This is excellent for the removal of dead cells and improvement of lip tone.
  19. Half a lemon dipped in salt and rubbed over teeth is proven to polish dull teeth and whiten them.
  20. Mix iodine with olive oil and rub over finger nails to strengthen them and prevent flaking.
  21. Dull and damaged hair can be conditioned with the application of almond oil, left in over night.
  22. Rinsing your hair with beer or vinegar helps soften rough hair.
  23. Henna and Indian goose berry are great for your hair. Powdered and mixed with water or yogurt, they nourish the hair and give it a natural color.
  24. Always opt for herbal skin and hair care products since they have fewer side effects and the results last longer.
  25. Lastly a good night's sleep ensures that you wake up to a radiant and nourished skin in the morning.
  26. Lastly, your consumption of water is of the utmost importance so make sure you get the required amount. This amount may vary depending on your physical proportions, your region, and the climatic and weather conditions, but is generally around eight glasses.