Septicemia is basically the medical term used to refer to blood poisoning. Septicemia is known to occur in an individual on account of an invasion of blood pathogens that may enter into the blood stream via an inflammation or any infected wound. Septicemia is known to affect children very quickly because their immune systems are yet to develop - which makes them more susceptible.

Septicemia is known to be a life threatening and serious disorder that is observed in the form of an inflammation all over the person’s body. This inflammation is caused as an immune response which is caused on account of the bacteria entering into the blood stream. This immune response and the consequent inflammation will also bring about a gradual shut down of the various systems in the body. It is essential to immediately recognize and treat Septicemia as otherwise the person may go into shock and the blood poisoning may progress at a rapid rate. Septicemia is known to worsen in a very short span and usually arises from infections that may occur in any part of the body including infections of the urinary tract, lungs as well as the abdomen.  The infection resulting in Septicemia may also enter into the body of the individual via a surgical procedure or an intravenous injection.