20 Preconception Health tips

20 Preconception Health tipsAs soon as you have made the decision to have a baby, you will find that you are flooded by exhilaration and joy which is often followed by panic and anxiety. This is perfectly normal as every parent wants the best for their child. Do not be surprised if you find yourself worrying about what you should eat, whether you should exercise, and what precautions to take. Keep in mind that this is the start of a new and wonderful chapter in your life and that you should not let unnecessary worries cloud your happiness. However, it would also be wise to start planning your daily schedule and lifestyle to support a pregnancy. This is essential not just to improve your chances of conception, but also to ensure a healthy and problem free pregnancy and delivery.

  1. To start off, it would be wise for both you and your partner to go in for a fertility test. This will help to ascertain the scope for conception. In case of low fertility levels, your doctor will recommend appropriate treatment in order to improve the possibility of conception.
  2. A general health check up is also advisable. This is because there are several conditions that may not present any noticeable symptoms but may reduce the chances of conception.
  3. Prenatal vitamin supplements are also very important as these will help to increase your chances of conception. Nutritional supplements during pregnancy like folic acid would have to be taken months prior to conception.
  4. If either you or your partner is on any medications, it would be best to talk to your doctor to determine those that could pose a problem when trying to get pregnant.
  5. Even if the medications you are on are not directly linked to conception problems, it would be a good idea to look for natural options for minor health problems. For instance, instead of reaching for strong medications for that cough, consider the use of honey, ginger, hot water and other natural treatments.
  6. Weight control is imperative as a woman who is at her optimum levels of fitness has higher chances of a successful and problem-free pregnancy.
  7. Regular exercise may seem like a chore but this is important when trying to conceive. Regular exercise helps to increase circulation, optimize the body's metabolic processes, and stabilize the metabolic rate.
  8. Sex is important not only from the point of view of conception but also when considering intimacy. In addition, it does serve as a wonderful workout, helping to burn fat and increase muscle flexibility.
  9. The importance of a healthy diet cannot be stressed enough, and you should modify your diet to include health foods. Vegetables and fruits should always be your first choice.
  10. Restock your kitchen such that it is devoid of articles like packaged food and unhealthy food items such as fried food or fast food.
  11. Adequate sleep is another necessity which cannot be overlooked. Sleep is essential as it helps the body to recuperate and de-stress. Inadequate sleep and increased levels of stress have a very great negative impact on the body.
  12. A vice like smoking brings with it a lot of potential dangers to a pregnancy and must be stopped. It also decreases the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  13. While most women know that it is necessary to avoid alcohol when pregnant, recent research shows that it is also beneficial to avoid alcohol if you are trying to get pregnant.
  14. Recreational drugs are obviously a strict no-no when pregnant, but they must be avoided when trying to conceive. Substance abuse is absolutely taboo when trying for a baby.
  15. One has to seriously evaluate the work environment to check for potential threats to a healthy conception, such as the presence of mercury and pesticides.
  16. Most men tend to forget that pre-conception health tips apply to them as well. Men would need to avoid activities that could be detrimental to sperm health. This would mean that they would have to avoid wearing tight trousers and underwear made out of synthetic material as this will trap their body heat which in turn has a negative effect on sperm. It is also advisable to avoid cycling and mountain biking.
  17. Keep stress to a minimum and do not treat the process of getting pregnant as a tedious chore. Frustration and stress are a potent negative combination and therapies such as yoga or the simple act of taking a break from your routine can contribute to your wellbeing.
  18. If you need to use a lubricant, make sure that you check the type you opt for since even some ordinary varieties are created to prevent pregnancies.
  19. This would also be a good time to take another look at immunization guidelines, such as Hepatitis B vaccines. There are several vaccines that need to be taken at least a few months before conception.
  20. Saw palmetto, winter cherry, red clover blossoms are just some of the herbs that can help to increase fertility levels. However you should talk to your doctor before you decide to try any herbal remedies as some herbs are known to have a negative effect on fertility levels.