January 20, 2010

Home Remedies for Jaw Pain

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Home Remedies

Jaw pain can be caused by several conditions, both external and internal. Externally, any injury or blow to the jaw can lead to pain. In most cases, symptoms show up a few minutes after an injury, and develop over a number of hours. These can include some swelling, cuts or bruises, and tenderness. In most cases, the symptoms gradually fade away as the injured skin and tissue heals itself. If the pain is severe or if the individual is unable to move his jaw, there may be a fracture of the jaw bone, requiring immediate medical treatment. Internal factors are usually linked to infections of some type.

Gingivitis or gum disease can cause pain deep in the gums, which may seem to be emanating from the jaw. Some cases of ear infections, especially those of the inner ear, can spread to the jaw line, causing sensitivity and pain. Mumps is another medical condition that affects the area near the jaw and causes some pain and discomfort. In addition, jaw pain can also be an early indicator of oral cancer. In a few rare cases, jaw pain that appears and disappears frequently could be an early indicator of cardiovascular disease. In older patients, a painful bone spur may grow on the jaw due to arthritis.


Since jaw pain can be caused by so many different conditions, it is best to let a doctor examine the area and identify the probable cause. Once the condition is identified, it can be treated, which will ease the pain. At home, patients can also take some steps to get relief from the discomfort. A cold compress kept against the affected area can effectively numb the pain for a temporary period. Anything from the fridge can be used, such as a bag of ice or a frozen TV dinner. However, using the cold compress for more than ten minutes at a time should be avoided, since extreme cold can damage the skin. For chronic pain, a mild analgesic could help. An over-the-counter cream containing a mild local anesthetic is also useful to cut down the pain. In cases of jaw pain arising from gum disease, some patients keep a clove inside the mouth near the affected area, and suck on it. This spice has natural painkilling properties and numbs the infected gum. Maintaining good dental hygiene and avoiding processed sugars can help to avoid jaw pain linked to gum infections.