My wife has a bad tooth and it is making her whole jaw hurt left to right. What kind of home remedy can I give to her ?

Infection of the tooth gives rise to serious pain, especially when the infection or microbes reach the roots. As we all know, placement of clove oil is an age-old grandma's remedy.

Gargling warm water with salt and oregano helps. Pouring ice-cold water, especially on the affected area works wonders. Washing your mouth with baking soda and water is equally effective. Peanut butter application provides relief to some individuals. Gargling the mouth with warm vinegar (half a cup) and a tablespoon of salt and retaining it for a few seconds in the mouth is an effective remedy. Rinsing the mouth with a tablespoon of salt and baking soda relieves the jaw pain from all sides. Washing the affected tooth with minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide work wonders, in spite of the stinging pain.

Freshly sliced onion, placed on the affected area proves effective. Cider vinegar is an equally efficient mouthwash in pain reduction. Peppermint extract also works. Persistent and nagging pain calls for an immediate visit to the dentist. The above-mentioned remedies are temporary relief providers. Placement of crushed garlic also reduces pain.

answered by Dr C

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