March 6, 2008

Diagnosis of Costochondritis

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Costochondritis is pain in the chest which might occur due to several factors. The pain can be milder or severe.

Diagnosis of costochondritis is not at all difficult, if there is pain while pressing the affected portion of the body then one can conclude that the person is suffering from the disease. The area where the ribs and the chest bone meet is the portion where costochondritis occur. Pain in the chest is considered to be associated with costochondritis, but chest pain may occur due to several other reasons.

One of the most common reason is the heart problem, so before concluding that whether you are suffering from costochondritis or not first get sure whether you are having any heart disease or not. Check for any other cause of pain like bacterial or fungal infections and once you are sure that the pain is not due to any other reason you can conclude that you are suffering from costochondritis.

If while taking deep breaths you experience pain in the chest then this also will help you in the diagnosis of costochondritis. Sometimes the portion may become tender and sore which can also help in the diagnosis of costochondritis, but the tenderness or inflammation may be due to other factors as well. So before making the diagnosis first try to separate all the other factors and then make any conclusion. While coughing too you feel pain in the chest.

Generally those who overwork and put lots of stress on the chest are more prone to the disease. Accidents in which the chest gets injured can also cause the disease. People who indulge in sports activities like rowing or other athletic activities are also prone to the disease.

If you find that you are suffering from costochondritis then take proper medications and adopt a healthy lifestyle.