Swollen jaw remedy

Provide as much rest as possible for your jaw. From the looks of it the swollen seems to sound like it is the result of a trauma or injury. All kinds of unnecessary jaw movements must be restricted. Excessive talking and eating should be brought down to a minimum and activities such as of singing and even yawning must be restrained. Where food is concerned stick to soft foods and anything that needs to be excessively masticated should be avoided till the time the swelling dies down. While lying down to sleep use a pillow to cushion your face as you may injure it further in deep sleep as you sleep face down. Do not sleep on either side of your body or your stomach as that will place additional pressure on your inflamed jaw. If the hard know starts to pain even without touching start applying cold compresses. A cold compress or icing the area for 15 minutes on and off during the hour should bring down the pain. If you have a bag of frozen peas in the freezer, use that as a ready remedy if ice is out of stock.

Gently rub down your jaw to increase the flow of blood to the swollen area and the blood flow will bring down the pain. Take deep breaths and do not try to grind your teeth if the pain gets too unbearable. Deep breathing can help relax the jaw muscles and ease out the discomfort to a great extent.

answered by C B

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