February 12, 2010

Natural Cure For Eyes With Herbal Remedies

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If you are wondering about what remedies you can use to keep your eyes healthy and in good shape, you can look at a few everyday things in the kitchen that will go a long way in maintaining the good health of your eyes. For instance, you can use a drop of honey in each eye to keep it clean and clear of debris. Just remember that this is a fairly painful exercise and will not be an easy one to follow. Added to that, you will also tear up a lot. Honey has the property to make you shed a lot of tears, as this is the natural process of keeping your eyes clean. Additionally, you can also adopt some remedial measures to keep your eyes relaxed and free of stress. For tired eyes, you can apply cooling cucumber slices to keep them feeling fresh. Alternately, you can also thinly slice an apple and chill this and use. Used tea bags are also extremely useful in maintaining good eye health. Just leave them to be a bit damp and let them rest on your eyes for about 10 minutes at a time. A mixture of all these methods employed after a long day will be useful in helping your eyes to rest well. This will not only delay the onset of wrinkles, it will also be helpful in keeping your eyes healthier overall.

Natural Eye Care

You can also put in a drop or two of rose water in your eyes everyday. This will be particularly useful in providing cooling and soothing relief to your eyes. Make sure that the rose water you use and buy is good quality and is not really made up of essence. This has become a common enough practice and it can actually harm your eyes if you are not careful. You can also make a paste of rose water and sandalwood and apply this to your eyes. The way to do this is to dampen a cotton pad and apply this paste on one side of the pad. Then place the wet cotton pad, with the paste on the outside, on your closed eyelids. The effects of both the rose water as well as the sandalwood will be felt by your eyes well and through the thin cotton. For healthier eyes, you can also increase your intake of vitamin A. This will help to keep your vision clear for long.