Puff eyes? Dark circles under eyes?

Puffy eyes result when the area round the eyes begins to swell. The skin in this area is very thin and delicate and covers a large number of blood vessels which lie beneath it. As such it is very sensitive and prone to conditions such as puffy eyes and dark circles. These conditions usually subside after a period of time or after treatment is done. In some cases, puffiness around the eyes may result due to other conditions, in which case a medical examination is recommended. Also if the condition is accompanied by symptoms such as blurring of vision, pain and other discomfort, then consulting a doctor at the earliest is advisable.

There can be several causes of puffy eyes. Inadequate sleep is the most common cause of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Water retention caused by excessive sodium intake can also be a factor causing this condition. allergies such as hay fever often results in swelling and puffiness around the eye area. The eyes also swell after crying as there is an increase of blood supply to the area. Excessive alcohol consumption is another cause of puffy eyes. Under eye dark circles may result due to genetic factors such as transparency of the skin. The skin under the eyes tends to be very thin and as such the blood flowing through the veins beneath the skin is clearly visible. The more transparent the skin, the darker it will appear. Improper nutrition, tiredness, excessive sun exposure, eye infections and intake of certain medications can also cause under eye dark circles.

Puffy eyes can be treated by gently splashing cold water on the face. Placing wet chilled tea bags over the eyes is also an excellent way to reduce puffiness. You may also place slices of cucumber or potato over the eyes to relieve tired and puffy eyes. For dark circles under the eyes, a gentle massage with almond oil is a very beneficial remedy. You can also apply a mixture of a couple of tablespoons each of tomato juice and lemon juice under the eyes. Another effective remedy for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes is to apply rosewater with the help of a cotton ball. This cools and soothes tired eyes and also helps in alleviating the dark areas. In addition to these remedies, it is also important that you get enough sleep every night and drink sufficient amounts of water daily so that the system remains clean and free of toxins.

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