February 12, 2010

Natural Vitamin E Oils for Skin

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

It’s everyone’s dream to have clear glowing skin that is free of pimples or blemishes. While the shelves of stores may be filled with beauty and skin care products created to fulfill every wish, many of them barely deliver. Instead of pouring money down the drain and being disappointed, why not try your hand at some natural skin care treatments that will help brighten up your appearance?

Natural skin care oils have several advantages. The first is that by using natural products, you prevent your skin from being damaged by chemicals and harmful ingredients found in most commercially produced beauty products. Another plus point when it comes to homemade skin treatments is the price factor. Most required ingredients come cheap and are easily available as well. Depending on your skin type and problem, there are a number of natural treatments that can provide you with a simple and effective solution.

One of the best ways to improve your skin is to oil it. Now many of you may recoil at the thought of applying oil to your face. After all, isn’t oil what causes all the problems such as blackheads and acne in the first place? And what if you have naturally oily skin? Wouldn’t you be adding to the problem by applying more oil? Not at all. Oil isn’t what causes problem skin by itself. A number of other factors such as poor hygiene, sweat, a bad diet and hormones lead to acne and pimples. If you have naturally oily skin, stripping your skin of much needed moisture by constant washing and toning will only worsen matters. Oil when used properly benefits your skin and helps it function properly.

Aromatherapy essential oils massaged into the skin will help dissolve oil that is hardened and collected in pores. The proper essential oil will also provide your skin with the lubrication needed so that the glands do not go into overdrive and produce more oil to compensate. Popular natural skin care oils include castor oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Castor oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help cleanse and heal the skin harmlessly. Since castor oil is a thick oil, a little bit goes a long way so use it sparingly for the best results. You may also dilute the castor oil with a thinner oil such as sunflower oil to make it easier to apply. Extra virgin olive oil when applied in a thin layer on the skin is transported deep into the pores and draws out the dirt and the grime collected in them that can lead to pimples and problem skin. High in essential fatty acids, olive oil also helps restore the natural balance of moisture in the skin and prevents dryness and flaky skin. Other aromatherapy essential oils that are beneficial for the skin include:

  • Almond oil for its mineral and vitamin content and to prevent dry skin and inflammation. Almond oil can be used on its own or as carrier oil along with more potent skin care oil.
  • Apricot oil is an excellent oil to help prevent skin wrinkles and dehydration.
  • Grape seed oil is the perfect carrier oil for skin care therapies. It contains high amounts of essential fatty acids and is a natural non-allergenic that suits all skin types.
  • Evening Primrose Oil helps treat problem skin and premature aging.
  • Jojoba oil is easily absorbed into the skin and does not clog the pores. Jojoba oil is often the carrier oil of choice in most aromatherapy skin care treatments.
  • Oils such as rose, lavender and chamomile help soothe the skin and can even treat conditions such as eczema and sunburn.
  • Tea tree oil mixed with lavender oil can help treat acne and infections as it is known for its antibacterial and anti-viral properties.