February 12, 2010

Natural Treatment for Bartholin’s Gland Cyst

Posted in Category : Women's Health

If you have developed a Bartholin’s gland cyst, it may be a painful affair. In some cases, it can be totally painless, in which case, you will feel a slight lump and it will in all likelihood go away in a few days by itself. However, this ideal and preferred scenario would only come about if you have a blocked gland resulting in a cyst which has not yet managed to get infected. Once you get infected, this can become a painful and protracted affair. Generally, the common symptoms of the Bartholin’s gland cyst may also include some amount of pain and redness as well as swelling. But if there is no pain, there will still be redness and swelling as well. If you are suffering from an infected cyst, it will in all likelihood form an abscess. This can turn into something so painful that it may not even allow you to walk straight or sit comfortably. The worst part about this problem is that the abscess can also keep growing. In some cases, it can actually expand a lot after sex, because it may very well be caused by fluid block ups. And sex can release more fluid which will always only add to the block up.


Treatment of this problem would depend upon the symptoms you are troubled with. If your Bartholin’s gland cyst is painless and is not really creating any problems, it could be that all you need to do is ignore it. It may just go away all by itself. However, if it has become an infected mess, then you are advised to go in for proper medical consultation and treatment. If you develop a fever, this is not something to worry about. It is a sign that your body is fighting off the infection that has occurred. Generally, a Bartholin’s gland cyst will expand till it is ready to burst and once it does, self healing will begin. The only thing you may not be able to handle about a Bartholin’s gland cyst would probably be the intense and concentrated pain you may experience. Try and take care of it by using over the counter pain medication, and if this does not work, you then need to call your doctor for something stronger. If you put chilled packs on the cyst, it may provide temporary relief from the pain. Refrain from having sex till you are fully healed.