July 23, 2010

African American Natural Hair Styles & Products

Posted in Category : Beauty

Because of its unique texture, African American hair comes with its own set of hair care rules. It is not a well known fact that African American hair is actually pretty fragile. If it is not cared for properly it is likely to get damaged – this includes constant breakage. If followed diligently, hair care for African Americans allows for stress free maintenance of healthy, beautiful hair.

Like any other hair, the secret to healthy hair is through a careful and diligent regime of hair wash, conditioning and moisturizing as well as using proper styling techniques. Hair care for African American hair would include:

  • Shampooing and Conditioning: African American hair would not require daily washing. Washing hair every day would strip it of essential moisture and cause it to break easily – but it is important to use a moisturizing shampoo once a week to clean hair. This helps avoid buildup in the hair. If hair has been relaxed, be sure to use protein rich shampoo.
  • Moisturizing: Drying is the most common problem with African American hair. Hair care for African American people would involve the use of a natural daily moisturizer that would counter drying and keep hair healthy in the long run. Natural moisturizers include olive oil, jojoba oil and Shea butter. In addition to replenish lost moisture use a deep conditioning treatment regularly (weekly works best). Hot oil treatments also work just as effectively. A good way to maintain moisture is by covering hair with a scarf when you go outdoors in the sun or when going to bed.
  • Daily Maintenance: It is important to maintain hair on a day to day basis. This includes using combs with wide, large teeth. These are great for freeing tangled hair without causing any hair breakage. If hair is very much tangled, try not to unknot it when dry. Either wet the comb or detangle hair after a hair wash, again this should be done with either a wide comb or with your fingers. In addition treat your hair to protein treatments once a month. Also allow natural hair to grow between different styling techniques (hair straightening, perms, braids, and so on). Doing so allows damaged hair to grow out, and maintains the natural strength of hair.
  • Balance Diet: An effective way to improve health of hair is by maintaining a nutritious balanced diet. The healthier your diet, the more nourished your hair will be. Be sure to drink lots of water and maintain a well rounded balanced diet – be sure to increase vitamin intake in particular for healthy hair. Dark green vegetables and essential oils work best.