My son is an African American who had the misfortune of changing barbers which resulted in unsightly razor bumps on his neck, we believe the equipment used was not sanitized properly, any solutions?

Razor bumps generally occur when the hair starts to curl back into the skin after being shaved. This is especially common with curly hair. Hair that is shaved becomes short and hence rigid thus allowing the hair to force its way back in the hair follicle causing it to become inflamed and thus resulting in the bump.

An effective remedy that you can use to treat your son's razor bumps is Shea butter. The butter is effective in allowing the hair to retain all of its moisture and hence becomes less rigid. This reduces the amount of hair that curls back into the skin and effectively reduces the number of bumps. The butter also contains ingredients that help in reducing the inflammation of the damaged hair follicles. Apart use the remedy for a couple of days in order for the results to actually show, as the bumps may take a while to subside. The next time your son gets a hair cut, make sure he takes a shower before the hair cut as it helps to open pores and softens the hair, thus reducing the chancing of developing razor bumps. Ask the barber not stretch the boy's skin when shaving and to always shave in the direction that the hair grows in.

answered by G M

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