How to Get Rid of All Dark Blemishes on the Skin of African American?

Blemishes on dark skin can be difficult to remove but here are a few remedies that can be really useful in controlling them so here are few, do them regularly and include them as a part of your daily routine and you'll definitely notice an improvement in your skin tone.

  • Blend a little of milk powder, honey, lemon juice, almond oil together to make a fragrant pack and apply to the skin keep on for ten minutes and then wash off. This pack can wash off your tan and give a good glow to your skin.
  • A pack made of oatmeal, yogurt and fresh tomato juice can be applied to the face and blemishes. Keep on the face for at least 20 minutes and then wash off. The tomato in the face pack can really remove the tan and smoothen the skin.
  • A pack of raw pureed potatoes is also helpful in soothing the skin and lightening it.
  • Dried orange peel powder is mixed with yogurt to form a good skin lightening pack. Smells really fragrant too.
  • Grind four almonds after soaking them overnight and apply as a paste to your skin combined with milk powder. Really great as a skin lightening pack.

answered by A S

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