what foods should i eat after surgery?

I am unable to provide any specific remedy or diet plan based on your question. It is not clear from your question as to what kind of surgery you are talking about.

If it is an oral surgery, then you are advised to have soft and easily digestible foods. You can rely on fruit juices, water and tea as these will keep your body hydrated and result in fast recovery.

If you have undergone gastric bypass surgery then you should eat more of fruits, grains, legumes, tofu, lean meat and vegetables. Foods such as fatty meats, beefs and refined sugar should be avoided.

After gall bladder surgery, you need to rely more on unsalted butter and fiber rich foods. Refined carbohydrates and excessive intake of sugar should be strictly avoided.

In any means, after undergoing any kind of surgery, you need to take care of your diet. Diet after surgery is mainly restricted to water, fluids, soluble fibers and easily digestible foods. Foods such as banana, toast, applesauce, flat soda, mashed potatoes and vegetable soups are easily digestible foods that are good for any kind of surgery.

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