I am recovering from knee surgery at home and my feet are swelling. I have been elevating my leg so I'm not sure what else to do. Kindly help.

The measures you can take for post operative care would have been provided to you by the hospital from where you got your surgery done and were discharged. The first thing you should know is that you should read through the post operative care information provided to you very carefully. This is extremely important because in order to affect a full recovery, you will have to be very careful. Most times people tend to believe that they are back to being totally fit in a much shorter period of rest than is recommended. While it is true that you may possibly start feeling better sooner, keep in mind that your body will react in its own way to the massive trauma that it has received by way of surgery. Try to rest for as much time as you possibly can. This is possibly the best way you can hope to be fully recovered from the surgery you have had recently. Elevating your legs while lying down or sleeping is definitely the best way to keep the swelling at a minimum and it must be taken care of at all times. Even if you decide to have periods of sitting up when you are tired of lying down all the time, you should make it a point to keep your feet on a footstool or an ottoman. This will help to prevent blood from pooling at your feet and will automatically make you feel better.

Another thing you can do for a few days is to drastically reduce your salt intake. Swelling happens due to your feet and legs being stationary. If you add extra salt in your diet to this phenomenon, you will find that the swelling will not only remain right there, it will also increase to a large extent. This is because salt leads to water retention in the outer extremities of the body. So for a few days at least, try to remain on a salt free diet if you can. If you cannot, then you should at least try to be on a low sodium diet. This will make a great difference. Another thing you can do for a few days is to have a glass of hot milk each night with a teaspoon of turmeric powder added to it. Turmeric powder is an excellent anti septic and healing agent. It will help to heal your injuries from within the body.

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