Caring for black skin skin

Skin care is essential for all skin types, but special care is needed for darker skin tones. Skin care for African Americans requires special attention. African American skin has a high level of Melanin as opposed to light skin. Melanin is the pigment in the skin, sometimes called a chemical, which causes skin to tan much faster than light skin.

Do not be fooled into believing that that African skin does not need Sun protection at all. In fact, it needs special consideration. When selecting a sun screen, make sure the SPF is 15. If tanning has already occurred, get a sun screen that has an SPF between 15 and 6. Generously apply sun screen on the areas that are exposed. Remember that any exposure to the skin causes tanning. You need not go only to the beach to get tanned! It is advisable to use protection such as hats or light clothing.

Skin with high levels of melanin tends to sweat more than lighter skin. It is advisable to use deodorants, but with certain precautions. Deodorants tend to leave permanent black marks on areas where they are often used. After a shower, spray the deodorant all over the body from a distance, this will prevent it from darkening the skin. Another factor to keep in mind is that good skin care begins with maintaining a healthy body and eating a balanced diet. A well planned diet that includes all food groups. Keep away from oily food, very rich food and junk food.

This will bring a glow to the skin that comes from within.Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. Eat a lot of whole proteins and cereals. Drink plenty of water, preferably 4-5 liters a day. This will eliminate toxins from the body and clear skin pores well. Cleanse the skin well with a water based cleanser, especially after using make-up. Even using just plain water several times a day to wash the face is good for skin that has no make- up. After cleaning well, use a mild scrub. Certain ingredients like oat powder, orange peel powder, potato peels, turmeric in curd or milk will help remove a tan from the skin. After using one of these home made scrubs or a ready made one, apply a pack at least once a week to close up the pores and tighten the skin.Clean, healthy skin is the foundation of beautiful skin.

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