Skin care scar removal and treatment using aloe vera cream and through diet control

Natural ways to diminish skin scars

Cicatrices or what are commonly known as scars are parts of fibrous tissue that help replace damaged skin after a particular are has been injured. It is therefore the biological process through which the body repairs damaged skin and scarring is also part of this process. The redness that first appears when a scar forms is not permanent and will eventually heal depending on the extent of the damage and also depend on the area of the body damaged and the age of the person who has the scar.

Most scars get smaller over time and some eventually disappear completely over time so there is not much to worry about. However there are some remedies that you cause to aid the process of scarring and reduce the intensity of the scar. The use of aloe vera is widely known in healing scars after they have been formed. You can either use an aloe vera cream or apply in moderation the gel that is derived directly from the plant and applied on the skin. There are also some diet tips that you can try to help reducing the extent of scarring from the inside. You body will need protein in order to re build skin after an injury , therefore eat food s that are rich in protein or try using a product externally that has protein extracts. Also consume foods that are rich in vitamins C and vitamin A. An important factor to remember the next time you get a wound is that scars can also be reduced and probably prevented by cleaning of the wound properly and taking the necessary steps to ensure proper healing. Do not touch the wound as it is healing as bacteria can cause an infection and damage the wound to a greater extent and reduce the chances of a smaller scar.

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