My baby has a cactus needle stuck in her finger. How can I get rid of it?

Toddlers are known to be very curious and inquisitive as they are still exploring their surroundings. Please make sure that you do not try to remove all splinters by yourself as the splinter can become lodged deeply into the skin, causing more pain.  

Some of the home remedies for minimizing the effect of the enzymatic pain on the toddler's hand include:

  • Apply some ice on the affected area as this will help in numbing it and thereby reduce the pain. However, this is just a temporary remedy till you visit the doctor.
  • You could also apply an antibacterial or antiseptic gel to the swollen area  and then bandage the injury. This will help in preventing any infection.
  • Before applying any medication or bandaging the hand, ensure that you wash the toddler’s hand with some warm water and soap. This is because  the cactus needles may result in an infection and moreover there may also be some dirt on the cactus needles which increases the chances of the infection. Thereafter keep the hand dry till you visit the doctor
  • You could also use various pastes made of natural ingredients such as turmeric, chamomile, mustard oil, licorice and St. John’s wort.
  • Another one of the home remedies for minimizing the pain on the toddler’s hands with regards to the cactus needles embedded in the skin is to use oregano oil. This should be applied on the surrounding area rather than on the wound itself.
  • You need to ensure that the toddler is also eating well so as to provide the body with adequate nutrition to fight off any infection that may be caused by the cactus needles. She should also be given plenty of fluids to drink.

answered by G R

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