May 11, 2009

Baby Rash Acne

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Acne is widely known to be a symptom of adolescence when your hormones wreak havoc on your skin. However, in some cases, within 2 to 6 weeks after the birth of an infant, one notices small red spots on the cheeks of the baby. This condition is known as baby rash acne or in other words, infantile acne. The red pimples need not be restricted to the cheeks; they also pop up on the chin and forehead. Though, it can appear quite worrying, baby acne is pretty common among infants and they disappear naturally and quickly, though in some cases, it can remain till the baby is approximately six months old.

The root cause is said to be the mother’s hormones. While giving birth, for a short period of time, the mother’s hormones pass through the placenta into the body of the baby. This is required for all the last minute physical development in a baby’s body. Acne spots are a result of a minor imbalance of both male and female hormones in the child’s system when it withdraws from this support of maternal estrogens at the time of delivery. As the baby grows, this imbalance is evened out and consequently, the acne spots disappear. In some cases though, your baby can show signs of acne due to the use of certain medications. These need to be identified and discontinued. Hence, in the event of baby rash acne, however minor the affliction might be, it is advisable to go in for medical supervision.

Baby acne goes away by itself within 4 to 6 months. Avoid using a lot of creams or oils to cure the acne. Not only will they be ineffective, they may also aggravate the situation. An infant’s skin is extremely tender and sensitive and sometimes creams and oils can wreak havoc on it. Also avoid over-washing of the affected area as it might irritate the sensitive skin and cause great discomfort and pain. Use an extremely mild soap to wash your baby and very carefully pat dry using a soft towel. Absolutely avoid picking the acne on your baby’s skin as this might result in near permanent marks, considering how sensitive the baby skin is. Go for extremely mild soap and even the detergents used to wash your baby’s clothes should be a mild one. If the acne is severe and persists beyond six months of age, a doctor may suggest the use of benzyl peroxide or some other medication. However, patience is usually the best course of action as the acne goes away by itself.