Home remedy for cactus needles infection after removing

The problem with splinters and objects like cactus needles is that even if a little bit gets left behind, you are likely to develop an infection. Once you have removed the needles, it is best to wash that area of your body using both soap and water. You have to bandage it after drying. Since, in your case, the infection caused by the cactus needles has already set in and this is accompanied by pain in your arms, you must visit a doctor. Such injuries to your hand and palm could lead to severe complications if you do not get an early diagnosis and treatment. When it comes to cactus spines, one finds that the reaction could range from moderate to severe. Infection demands comprehensive and immediate treatment. Antibiotic therapy is typically sought in such cases. You get an infection because any remnants are treated as foreign bodies. Additionally, there could have been dirt on those needles or some other trigger which could have led to the infection. There might be inflammation and even toxic reactions. Cactus needles, thorns and the like are deemed to be highly inflammatory. It may surprise you to know that slivers of things like glass, wood or even metal for that matter are comparatively inert substances. The type of reaction is typically inflammation arising due to the fungal coating that is observed on the cactus. In addition, delayed hypersensitivity reaction may also be observed.

Some people recommend the use of oregano oil. Instead of directly applying it to your open scratch, apply to the surrounding area. When it comes to infection, you are looking for oils and foods that will help you with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristics. Thus, other herbal remedies include licorice, St. John's wort and even chamomile. You could make use of a strong infusion to wash your hand, where the cactus needles have been removed. Remember that, your hand, being infected, has to be kept dry. At the same time, do not allow any dirt to get near your hand. Different kinds of antiseptic pastes, such as turmeric powder along with mustard oil may be used on your hand. You can even use some ointments which are antibiotic in nature. Do not forget that since your body is fighting an infection you need to fortify it with proper nutrition. This means that you will have to eat and drink healthier to stay strong. Give your body enough water to flush toxins and stay hydrated.

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