Treatment To Remove Cactus: My Husband Has A Cactus Stuck In His Leg. How Do I Get It Out?

Cactus removal can be done with any of the following methods.

  • If the thorns are large, you can just remove them with your hand. Try and be gentle as the thorns can really sting. However, if the cactus thorns are wedged deep into your skin, you may not be able to pull them by hand. In such a case, you may have to apply some scotch tape on the skin and gently rip it to remove the thorns that are lodged deep.
  • Mix together some jaggery and carom seeds on the skin where the cactus thorns and spikes have entered your skin. This mixture makes your skin tender so that the thorns are easier to pull out.
  • The most common method of removal of cactus thorns and spikes is to remove them with the help of a sterilized tweezers. In case the thorns and spikes are wedged deep into the skin, you may heat the tweezers a little so that they would be able to remove the smaller spikes as well.
  • Once the cactus is removed, apply gentle pressure around the wound so that it can bleed out. Once the bleeding is over they will heal quickly and may not get infected as well. Clean the wounded area with an antiseptic. If the wounds are deep or large, you may need a single layer of dressing to protect it from dust and germs.
  • If you experience an allergic reaction to the cactus stings and thorns, see a doctor immediately so that you can get medical attention as soon as possible.

answered by G R

Removal of cactus- Please take silicea 30 for your husband from

homeopathy pharmacy .Give 5 pills daily for 10 days once bed time.

Then stop medicine wait and watch for 20 days.

answered by D M K

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