My daughter had a bad marriage and now the doctor says she has female sexual dysfunction. She does not want to use medicines.

If your daughter has persistent or recurring issues with sexual responses, and if these issues are responsible in making her feel depressed or is responsible in creating a strain in the relationship with her husband - then she is suffering from what is medically referred to as Female dysfunction. This condition manifests itself in several symptoms and causes, all of which are fortunately traceable. It is important for your daughter to understand her anatomy and her body's natural response to sexual activity. A woman can develop sexual dysfunction at almost any age, however these problems are noticed more frequently, when her hormones are in a flux. To give you an example, this happens whether woman has just had a baby or when she is making the transition into menopause. It is also possible that sexual concerns may arise due to major ailments like cancer. Your daughter's condition can be referred to as female sexual dysfunction, if she experiences the following symptoms like:

  • A lowered desire or lack of desire to have sex.
  • Unable to maintain a level of arousal during sexual activity or she is unable to achieve arousal in spite of having a desire to have sex.
  • Unable to experience an orgasm.
  • Experience intense pain during sexual intercourse.

Women suffering from sexual issues are known to find relief from a combination treatment approach, which focuses on medical as well as emotional concerns. From time to time, there may be a specific medical option available to doctors, such as the usage of vaginal estrogen creams, or to switch from a particular antidepressant medication to another. More frequently, behavioral treatments like couple therapy and stress management are required to tackle the root causes of either sexual dysfunction. And in some cases, a combination is most effective.

There are some non-medical treatment options that can be considered by your daughter. It is highly advisable to follow healthy lifestyle habits. To begin with, consumption of alcohol must be avoided as it inhibits sexual responsiveness. Smoking too should be avoided as it restricts the flow of blood throughout the body. Needless to say, lower amounts of blood reaching the sexual organs results in decreased sexual arousal and orgasmic response. It is also important that your daughter follows a regular exercise routine. This will be beneficial in increasing her stamina, improving her body image and in elevating her moods enabling her to feel romantic more often.

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