April 4, 2008

Advantages of Abstinence

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Sex is a very beautiful experience for anybody. Most of the people are engrossed with the desire of having sex. It is particularly so for the couples who have been involved with each other for a long time. However, some couples wait until marriage for having sex. Doing so is called abstinence. Most of the couples would not like this concept and so they do not follow it. However, there are some advantages of abstinence.

Some of them are given below.

Relationships without sex are simple and do not get you into any complications. For example, one of the partners may not be mentally prepared for having sex and in such case if the other partner emphasizes on it may disturb the relationship. Abstinence can also be used to check how much your partner is mentally involved in you.

Another use of abstinence is eliminating the chances of pregnancy. Even with the simple prevention measures as condoms, it does occur sometimes and so it is better to avoid the intercourse.

In addition, your partner may be having some sexually transmittable disease. Therefore, it is better to wait until marriage and have the sexual intercourse only when you are completely sure about your partner.

These are only some of the advantages of abstinence. Besides this, abstinence, have much more advantages. In addition, it is not anything revolutionary and so it is an option that can be considered if you are willing to wait for that particular special moment.