March 6, 2008

How To Use Female Condoms?

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The female condom features a polyurethane lubricated sheath with two ends. One end is open, while another is closed, with flexible rings at both ends. The female condoms work in a similar way just like the male condoms by serving as a barrier to sperms to prevent the pregnancy.

The closed end is placed inside the vagina and open end remains outside the vagina. The closed end should be lubricated. The sides of the ring are squeezed together at the closed end and inserted into the vaginal opening like a tampon. One ring of this condom is covered by the polyurethane. It sits up against the cervix and acts as an anchor. The bigger second ring remains outside the body. It covers the part of labia and perineum during sexual intercourse.

Female condoms are inserted 8 hours before the intercourse. It should not be used with male condoms and immediately removed after the intercourse. While removing the condom, squeeze the outside ring, twist and pull out. The care should be taken that the semen remains inside the condom. The condom should be used only once and then thrown away. The chances of getting pregnant are upto 21% with typical use of female condoms and upto 5% with a perfect use.

Female condoms are easily available in medical shops without doctor’s prescription. Once the technique is learnt, insertion of the condom is quite easy. The condom stays in its place even after the ejaculation. It allows the woman to protect herself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sometimes, the condom may slip into the vaginal during sexual intercourse. The outer ring may cause an irritation to female’s vagina, while inner ring to male’s penis. The female condoms are more expensive comparative to male condoms. However, female condoms can be used along with oil-based lubricants as they are made from polyurethane.