Low Sex Drive

by Sharon Hopkins

A sexual drive and its frequency will vary from one individual to another depending on factors such as one's physical fitness, lack of interest, lack of time and so on. The sex drive in both men and women is referred to as libido. A low sex drive in women and men basically refers to a lack of interest in having sexual relations. A low sex drive may result from various physical conditions such as pregnancy, menopause, low testosterone levels, illnesses and so on. Besides these there are also psychological reasons such as anxiety and stress. The most commonly observed symptoms of low sex drive hormones are less frequent sexual fantasies and thoughts, reduced sexual desires less frequent masturbation, reluctance to initiate sex and the like. There are various holistic and natural treatments that may be administered to increase one's sexual drive. An excellent herb that is an effective sexual stimulant for both men and women is the Smilax ornata that is used as a natural remedy for a low sex drive. Aphrodisiacs such as the tribulus territis have been used for ages to increase one sex drive and also promote general powers and increase muscle strength in the male body.

The sex drive of both men and women is also dependent on their overall health. It is necessary to exercise frequently and follow a healthy balanced diet to cure a low sex drive. A healthy and low fat diet which includes plenty of fresh vegetables, cold water fish such as salmon along with the elimination or avoidance of starchy or sugar rich foods is an ideal solution to a low sex drive. One can also eat plenty of raw oysters to increase one sex drive as oysters are known to be rich in zinc which is known to increase the sperm production and testosterone levels in men. Adding avocado to one's diet is also beneficial to one's sex drive as avocadoes tend to have a high level of folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6 which help in metabolizing proteins, increase the production of the male hormone and also regulates the female thyroid gland thereby increasing sex drive in females. Another natural remedy for a low sex drive is to eat asparagus which is rich in Vitamin E that tends to stimulate the production of sex hormones which is beneficial to both male and female libido. Menopause low sex drive is caused by the hormonal changes that take place in women during menopause which include vaginal dryness, fatigue, mood swings and similar other conditions.

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