I am an epileptic since 10 yrs., currently on Encorate Chrono 200 mg. Is it suggestible for me to consume garlic as home remedy for sexual impotence?

Garlic is an excellent remedy used for years for sexual impotence. It acts as an excellent natural aphrodisiac. Garlic acts as a tonic for low sex drive which is resulted form overindulgence or nervous exhaustion. Garlic also works well in case of loss of sexual power for any reason. Simply chew 2-3 cloves of fresh peeled garlic daily on an empty stomach. If you just crush these cloves a little and leave in the air for oxidation for 5-10 minutes then it would be more effective as the active ingredient in garlic (allicin) is more available. You can also use garlic liberally in your meals while preparing food.

Garlic is used many a times as an ingredient in many recipes used for epileptic patients and is recommended in epilepsy. However some health professionals do not recommend garlic for epilepsy. It would be wise to talk to your specialist regarding garlic before starting it.

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answered by Dr S

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