Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is commonly treated through the use of conventional medications, but in the event of side-effects through the use of medications, it is best to speak your doctor for a change in prescription. Switching over to alternative therapies or natural remedies must be done only after a thorough consultation with your primary health care provider. Although there are a number of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, it is important to understand the pros and cons of natural remedies over conventional medication. Having said that, here are some naturally accepted remedies used by alternative health experts for treating the condition. These include:

  • L-Arginine, which is a bitter tasting essential amino acid found in proteins and necessary for nutrition. The absence of L-arginine from the diet leads to a reduced production of spermatozoa. Nitric oxide is prepared from L-arginine, which is essential in dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. The presence of nitric oxide in the blood allows for enhanced blood flow to the penis causing an erection. L-arginine is commonly found in food items such as meat products, milk products, poultry and fish. L-arginine is also available as oral supplements and may be taken only on the prescription of your health expert. However L-arginine comes with some side effects such as digestive problems. Individuals who are under medication for ulcers must refrain from taking L-arginine doses as they can be hard to digest. Some health experts also believe that L-arginine alters the levels of potassium in the body and hence patients with liver conditions must also refrain from taking L-arginine.
  • Gingko is a commonly used herb for erectile dysfunction and is believed to relax the muscles and enhance the flow of blood to the penis. People who experience erectile dysfunction as a result of antidepressant medications have claimed a success rate after six months of ginkgo treatment. Some medical studies revealed that men with erectile dysfunctions shown rapid improvement after a course of ginkgo treatment, however some other studies revealed that ginkgo was as good as a placebo.
  • Health experts are of the opinion that a significant decrease of zinc in the body can cause erectile dysfunction. Some patients who have underlying medical conditions such as digestive disorders, liver problems, kidney diseases and those who have been linked to long-term use of diuretics show rapid depletion of zinc in their body. Such patients are likely to experience erectile dysfunctions and hence having foods rich in zinc can help in dealing with the condition.

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