Erectile Dysfunction Depression

by Sam Malone

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that causes the man to be unable to develop or even maintain an erection. The reasons for erectile dysfunction are two-fold; mainly the kind of lifestyle he leads coupled with the medication he takes and the second refers to psychological reasons.

Often, the kind of lifestyle we lead affects our health. Smoking, alcohol and drug abuse are often connected to erectile dysfunction. At times, it may even be medication and certain types of surgery. On the psychological side, stress in a relationship has often been related to erectile dysfunction. Because there are differences in a relationship, the man, just like his partner, feels sexual tension and is unable to perform. A few other reasons could be stress at work, death of a loved one and such other conditions.

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common disorder and can be cured. Nevertheless, men often find it very difficult to cope with the situation and harbor negative feelings. Some of them are; guilt anger and also a low self - esteem. These people are also very vulnerable and show very low energy levels. Thus even symptoms like lack of appetite, lack of sleep, fatigue and a feeling of apathy is also very common.

Men with erectile dysfunction and subsequent depression would continuously look for their partner's approval and support. They also become extremely vulnerable and insecure about the relationship and their capacity to support it. Most of the time, it gets very difficult for the partner to make the man feel better. During intercourse, it is always at the back of the man's head that he would not be able to perform thus making the act more of a stressful experience rather than a relaxing and enjoyable one. This is also one of the main reasons for the condition to get worse. It should be kept in mind that irrespective of the severity of the disorder, it can be cured through continued effort.

Firstly, talk to your partner and do not suffer in silence. If you do not want to talk to your partner, you can try talking to a trusted friend. If your partner is suffering through erectile dysfunction depression, try talking to him. Try to find out what is going through his mind. This will ease the tension and allow the both of you to acknowledge the problem, which is the first step towards solving it. Once this is done you could check out the source of the problem like stress. Do not self medicate and discuss your condition with the doctor. There are several methods to overcome erectile dysfunction. And the only way you would overcome the depression is when you would have a healthy erection.

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