Treatment for cat bite

One comes across many cases of animal bites and these also include cat bites. It could be any cat from strays to pet cats that can deliver that bite. One has to remember that cats may be domesticated but they still have basic animal instincts. Even the gentlest cat may be provoked to lash out or may bite on account of instinct. While cats may be very gentle when playfully nipping a person toying with it, there is still a chance, however remote, that the cat could draw blood without meaning to hurt the other person. Typically, there is less cause to worry when the cat is one that is a pet and has had all the necessary shots. However, when dealing with stray cats the chances of complications such as infection and rabies are slightly increased. Another thing to remember that chances of infection could be raised in case of bites from cats. This is typically on account of the nature of their teeth since these are sharper and lengthier. Thus, they are capable of inflicting a much deeper bite which might get infected. There are a number of steps which constitute basic first aid when it comes to cat bites.

A primary response to a cat bite would be to wash the wound or the site where the bite occurred, if there isn’t too much bleeding. This should be the first thing that comes to mind in the event of such a bite, but should be done with clean hands or the use of latex gloves. You can dress the wound once it has been cleaned using running water along with some soap which should be mild. Simply 5 minutes of cleaning under running water should be sufficient for cat bites which do not bleed too much.

It would be best to show the wound to a doctor since animal bites are typically dealt with by using antibiotics. This usually becomes more important if the cat has bitten your hand or any of your fingers. This is imperative if you find that you have developed infection or symptoms that seem similar to the flu, since disease can be contracted via such bites. Another important step is to get in touch with the right authorities if the cat is a stray or does not appear to have a known owner. This is especially important since one cannot be sure whether the rabies vaccine has been administered to the cat.

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