November 5, 2009

Black Widow Spider Bite Home Remedies

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Spider bites can be extremely painful and the black widow is a very well known and feared spider. The venom produced by the black widow spider is a protein that is neurotoxic and damages the nervous system of the victim. The venom varies in its effect in different people. Usually when the bite first occurs there is an intense pain in the area. Twenty minutes later, the symptoms start to appear. Muscle cramps may occur, either in the area of the bite or all over the body. This is accompanied by a sensation of severe pain, tremors, stomach pain and weakness. In some cases, there may also be nausea and vomiting; pain in the chest; a dizzy feeling and breathing difficulties. Physical health and age of the victim determines the extent of the venom’s effects, and as such children and older persons suffer more damage. There may be an increase in heart rate and a rise in blood pressure which can further cause more complications. However, a bite from the black widow spider is rarely fatal.

Generally, black widow spider bites are treated with narcotics to bring relief from the pain. Antivenin is also administered to fight the damaging effects of the venom. Emergency medical care must be sought at the earliest. If the bite has resulted in severe pain and other symptoms have also started to appear, one must immediately seek help at the emergency ward of any hospital. Usually, once a victim has been admitted for a black widow spider bite, there may not be any extensive tests done. If the history of the spider is uncertain or if other serious conditions such as a heart attack may be suspected, then a thorough evaluation will be done. Muscle relaxants may also be administered in some cases.

The antivenin that is used to treat black widow spider bites is obtained from horse serum, by slowly increasing the number of injections of the particular venom given to the horse. As a result the horse starts producing the antivenin, which is then used for treatment. A single vial of antivenin can bring quick relief and serves to reduce the symptoms significantly. Home remedies for treatment of black widow spider bites are few. Hot and cold compresses are suggested remedies; as are baths with hot water. Over the counter medications for pain relieving are available and may be helpful in some minor cases. A paste of the content of charcoal capsules and water is believed by some people to be helpful in extracting the venom. A slice of potato may also be placed over the bite. Turmeric and olive oil applied to the bite may help to reduce the pain. Garlic and onion may also help to encourage recovery.