What can I do to solve the problem of sand fly bite that results in itching and water boils coming out on my skin? Any home remedies

Also known as biting midges, these can be a real nuisance and their bites extremely unpleasant. Sand flies are found in the tropical and sub tropical regions of the world and are insects that breed in wet soils. Although they are very tiny insects the damage they can cause is huge. You will be surprised to know that it is only the female that actually bites because they need protein from the blood to lay their eggs. Sand fly bite is most likely to occur either at dawn, sunset or at night often causing a swelling with the bitten area turning red filling it with damaged tissues and saliva containing anticoagulants. The bite can cause an infection in which a lesion is formed on the skin. These lesions also occur beneath the scab destroying the affected tissue. These bites, however, do not transmit any diseases.

Sand fly bites may cause a lot of itching on and around the particular area but it is important to refrain yourself from doing that as itching can aggravate the condition even more. Clean the area well with water to prevent any occurrence of secondary infections. Application of ice helps soothe the pain. Try mixing one part hydrogen peroxide with one part beta dine solution and apply it on the wound as this will help dissolve the scab and reveal the wound underneath. Following this, apply any antibacterial ointment and keep repeating this process every day for a week after you take a shower. Also, applying a waterless hand cleaner gel that is high in alcohol regularly does not make the wound grow very large. If you keep applying this constantly even when the blister breaks, it keeps it under control and heals in almost two weeks without leaving scars.

If you know you are residing in a place with sand flies around or going to such a place make sure you apply insect repellent with at least a 90% concentration of DEET in it. You can also mix this repellant with your sun block lotion or with coconut oil for a longer lasting effect. Always cover yourself well and sleep inside insect nets. Spray insecticide around your house to prevent sand flies from coming close to your area. If at any point you feel that the pain is too much and is not healing for a long time, it is recommended you consult a medical professional.

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