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It is not uncommon for people to bite their tongues really hard, while they are eating, talking, or even sleeping. In most cases, a tongue bite is not a major cause for concern, despite the fact that it can be very painful. This is because most tongue bites get completely cured easily, within a week or two, without any medical treatment required. The tongue heals quite quickly, as compared to other parts of the body, probably because it is coated with a layer of saliva. Unfortunately, your husband seems to be suffering from a bad tongue bite, since the problem has been going on for around five months now.

A deep tongue bite is not an uncommon problem, but it could take a while for it to heal. Moreover, it is best to have a doctor check a deep cut on the tongue, because medical intervention may be required in certain cases. Unlike other parts of the body, even in case of a deep a cut in the tongue, doctors rarely use stitches on the tongue in order to treat it. What they generally do is clean the cut properly, so that nothing can interfere with the healing process. They then allow the patient to suck on ice chips and take a few pain relievers. At times a tetanus shot may be given, just to avoid the possibilities of a tongue infection. They too believe that the tongue heals very fast and may suggest a few home remedies for a tongue bite, just speed up the process a bit.

Most people and even health experts suggest the use of home remedies for a tongue bite, since they are quite effective. Given below are some of the most commonly used home remedies for tongue bite treatment:

  • Ice cubes: This is the most effective home remedy for a tongue bite. Apart from making the cut heal faster, it also helps to numb the nerves in the tongue to a certain extent, which reduces the pain and the burning sensation in the area. To maximize the effects of ice, ask your husband to suck on a few ice chips for at least 10 to 15 minutes at a time, around 3 or 4 times a day or whenever the burning sensation in his tongue is too intense. Some people, especially children, suck on a Popsicle, for healing a cut tongue sooner.
  • Salt water rinse: It may sound like rinsing the mouth with salt can burn the gash further; however, this remedy could work wonders in healing a cut tongue, as salt contains antibacterial properties, which keeps the tongue protected from any infection. At the same time, gargling with warm water will help remove any food particles that are stuck on the tongue and are preventing it from healing. Mix a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water and ask your husband to gargle with it, at least 3 times a day, preferably after each meal. The salt water needs to be swished about in the mouth and around the tongue for a few seconds, before it is spit out. If the water is too hot though, it could worsen the pain and burning in his tongue.
  • Honey: The consumption of a teaspoonful of honey, at least twice a day can help reduce the pain in the tongue to a great extent. Honey is an excellent way to cure a severe tongue bite or a mouth bite sore, since it provides the tongue with a protective coating, which is very effective against bacteria.
  • Turmeric: This is a spice that is generally used for cooking, mainly in Indian cuisine. However, for decades now, turmeric has also been used in the healing of cuts, burns, scrapes and other minor injuries, because of the skin rejuvenating and healing properties it possesses. Take a teaspoon of honey and add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Apply the mixture directly on the deep tongue bite and make sure it stays on for as long as possible. The honey will create a protective layer over the tongue, while the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties present in the turmeric powder will help the gash stay free of infections and heal faster.
  • Pressure: A small amount of pressure may need to be applied, just so that the parts that need to heal are placed in the right way. Mild pressure can be applied by pressing the tongue gently against the roof of the mouth.
  • Avoiding spices: One of the most effective home remedies for tongue bite problems is staying away from spices and spicy food completely, for a couple of days. This is because spices may aggravate an injury or an inflammation, which slows down the healing process. On an open wound the nerves that are present on the tongue may be exposed and if spicy food is consumed then the nerves may come in direct contact with the heat that is present in spices, which could cause them to get inflamed. Hence, foods that are cool and bland, like soup, sandwiches and salads may be best for him to eat.
  • Water: Water is an excellent home remedy for many conditions, including a severe bite on the tongue. Large amounts of water should be consumed at frequent intervals throughout the day.

Apart from the mouth bite sore home cure options mentioned above there are several over the counter gels that are easily available, which can reduce the pain and heal a deep cut in the tongue at a faster pace. It is important to dry off the tongue a bit, before the gel is applied. Applying the gel on to the mouth bite sore or cut is quite easy as the instructions are normally given on the package.

While the home remedies for tongue bites mentioned above are fairly safe and can be used by just about anybody, it is best to check with a doctor, before trying out any of them, especially if your husband is suffering from any preexisting medical conditions. If the home remedies for a tongue bite do not yield the expected results within the next 5 to 6 days, or if the pain gets worse after using any them, then it may be best for you to have a doctor look at the severe tongue bite immediately and determine the factors that could be preventing it from healing. In case the bad tongue bite is accompanied by symptoms like fever or bad breath at any time, your husband needs to contact a dentist for proper treatment.

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People often bite their tongue either while eating, talking or while indulging in some sort of sport. A tongue bite, though not a cause of concern, can be quite painful and makes the otherwise normal task of eating quite painful. In most cases normal tongue bites heal on their own and do not need any sort of medical treatment. However, in severe cases where the bite has left a deep cut, medical intervention may be required. The tongue contains saliva and thus heals quickly. But when the cut is deep or severe, it could take some time to heal completely. In your husband's case, the healing process must not have been fully completed and a slight gash must have inflamed the sore spot again. You can try these home remedies in order to relieve your husband's painful condition; however, if your husband does not experience relief within the next five days please visit a doctor immediately.

  • Staying away from spicy food is one of the most effective remedies, as spicy food will further aggravate an inflamed tongue. Due to the wound, the nerves present in the tongue get exposed. When a person experiencing this condition consumes spicy food, the nerves come in direct contact with the heat present in the food and become inflamed. Therefore consuming bland food and salads are a better option when faced with this condition.
  • Warm salt water rinses are also very effective in treating tongue bites. Salt contains anti bacterial properties that protect the tongue from infection, and speeds up the healing process. Warm water also helps in removing any food particles that may have got stuck on the tongue.
  • Applying ice cubes on the affected spot will also prove beneficial in alleviating the pain caused by this condition. Ice works by making the nerves present in the tongue numb, thereby reducing the accompanying pain.
  • Honey is also very good in treating tongue bites. Consuming a teaspoon of honey twice a day will prove beneficial in treating the pain, as well as in providing the tongue with an effective protective coating against bacteria.
  • Turmeric is known for its skin healing and rejuvenating properties. Turmeric is also effective when it comes to treating burns and cuts. Mix a pinch of turmeric in a teaspoon of honey and apply it to the injured area for effective results. Turmeric possesses effective anti bacterial and anti microbial qualities and forms a protective layer over the tongue.

Make sure that your husband drinks plenty of cool water throughout the day. Also ask him to avoid hot food, as this could increase the pain and discomfort.

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