Insect Allergies

by Kevin Pederson

Reactions to insect bite or stings have long been a cause of concern for those with sensitive skin or are prone to become sensitive in the presence of certain insects. Though seem to appear tiny and harmless, venom that these insects hold are poisonous enough to leave one miserable or in certain cases, though unbelievable can even lead to death. Certain insects that are categorized under Hymenoptera have the ability to inject venoms. If you have a large courtyard and a well-kept garden with all your favourite floral varieties in it, insect bite is something you cannot escape.

Allergy happen when body’s immune system reacts to the presence of something alien or allergen. Ants, bees, wasp and hornets are the kind of insects that produce venom, which they use to paralyse their prey. The majority fraction of this venom contains protein, which when injected onto human body causes allergic reactions. It isn’t necessary that everyone who gets exposed to insect venom should develop an allergy; in fact only few have a tendency to react to insect bites and in that very few will show up fatal symptoms. Usually when venom is transferred on to a normal person the symptoms are mild, but when the infected is someone who is already allergic, the situation can take a graver course.

Insect bite is painful and the area of the skin can appear puffy with red bumps that might fade away in the matter of hours. But if the situation persists over a couple of hours and more, and in the due course invades your lungs and heart, then it can contribute to an anaphylactic reaction. This is when the insect allergy becomes fatal and life-threatening. Researches prove that anaphylaxis related reaction can lead to death, though in rare cases.

Bedbugs can also cause insect allergy. These are pale brown insects that appear on your beddings and soft sofas and that eat your blood. As the insects attack when the person is sleeping or relaxing, the affected would hardly know that he had been bitten by a bedbug unless he spots the symptoms. Bedbug allergy causes swelling that is hard and discoloured, and might sometimes carry an unpleasant smell. In most cases these are not harmful, but there can be instances where even a bedbug can cause anaphylaxis reaction.

Certain skin types might develop an allergy when bitten by mosquitoes. These may appear as deep red swellings on the surface of the skin. There can be rare instances where mosquito bites can be deadly, as female mosquitoes are the transmitters of certain severe diseases.

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