March 18, 2010

Home Remedies for Mosquito Itchy Bites

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Mosquito bites are usually nothing to get alarmed about. You will find that they typically go away by themselves in a short time. However, the itch can be quite a bother. Do take care since a fever is a sign of infection and might need medical attention. Similarly, if you see that the bite has seriously swelled up and is very painful, do visit your doctor at the earliest. Certain areas of many countries are infamous for the diseases transmitted via mosquito bites so one can never be too careful. Even today, malaria is widely prevalent in some countries around the globe. It is the saliva left behind by the mosquito that bit you which, being under your skin, causes that itch.

Home Remedies

A good remedy you will find in your kitchen is that ever useful baking soda. Take about two tablespoons of this powder and throw in some water. Mix to get a paste. Try to make it a nice, thick paste which you can then cover your bites with. Something as simple as ice cubes can numb the bites and take care of the itching. Even a cold washcloth would do. This is one of the simplest and the quickest ways of dealing with those annoying bites. It’s one of the cheapest ways too. Ice not only tends to the inflammation but also provides relief from the sting. To ease that pesky itch, you should get your hands on some white vinegar. This is a great cleanser and organic cleanser. Use a few drops on cotton to dab on your bite marks. If you happen to be covered in bites, simply head for a warm bath with about two cups of this vinegar. Apple cider is another alternative. You can even add either vinegar to your paste containing baking soda. If you don’t want to go in for a bath then a hot washcloth will also do. Another home remedy which provides instant escape from the itching is a slice of lemon. Your skin may get better faster thanks to the antioxidants. Just remember to get rid of the seeds first. A soothing lotion is calamine lotion. As far as essential oils go, lavender can do wonders for your bite. Just dab some on your mosquito bite. Witch hazel has also been used in the treatment of mosquito bites. Other essential oils which can help in this case include peppermint and tea tree.