February 19, 2009

What Would Help A Pulled Muscle

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

If you are suffering from a pulled muscle, there is only one mantra that you must follow religiously. And that is to rest as much as you can. It is absolutely important that you get the maximum amount of rest. This will also help your muscle to rest. And rest is the only thing that will allow the muscle to heal from within and enable your injury to heal faster. Depending upon where your pulled muscle is, you can also try to use other easy methods to help out in your extreme discomfort. Warm compresses are the best thing for a person in your condition. Use warmth to relax the muscle completely. This will help the muscle to regain its proper form and become supple and pliant again. This will also help you to regain proper muscle movement faster. However, this is not a fool proof method. In a lot of cases, it does not seem to work at all. If you are one such case, you will know within 24 hours. And if this is not working out for you, then you can switch over to using ice packs. This will be more effective. The exact reason is still unclear, but a lot of people seem to respond to cold treatment as opposed to warm treatment. Especially in the case of a pulled muscle, it is better to only go with what your body seems to prefer.

You can also massage the area gently with mustard oil. This will also be extremely helpful in dealing with a pulled muscle. Mustard oil has some exceptional healing properties that will make it easier for your body to heal well. It is known to work especially well on the musculature. Try not to use any other oil. You should also keep in mind that a massage for this particular problem would mean a gentle and light massage, as opposed to a vigorous one. If you massage too hard or vigorously, then chances are that you could end up damaging the muscle further. You can also apply a pack made with Fuller’s Earth and water, to which a bit of turmeric powder has been added. This can be left on till it begins to dry up and then washed off as usual. This, of course, would completely depend upon whether you can actually apply the paste or not. Drinking green tea is also very helpful in relaxing tensed and pulled muscles.