by Kevin Pederson

Accupuncture is another alternative therapy which deals with several illnesses effectively. Accupuncture like acupressure is another scientifically proven therapy, another therapy of Asian origin. Accupuncture involves piercing needles at specific points in our skin so that the nerves from where the flow of Qi has been obstructed become smooth and thereby restores all the energy in body.

Accupuncture is not just being used for relieving stress in all parts of body; it is also being researched for finding out solutions for problems like weight loss, etc. Accupunture, eases out blood flow in all parts of the body. This is the reason why more and more people are trying acupuncture for their problems.

Accupuncture involves using of needles of different sizes and thickness to be pierced in different parts of body. Basically, the accupuncture points where needles are pierced are similar to acupressure points. However, the needles here are sterilized before use. You will not find any disturbance to your normal body shape at the time of use of accupunture.

The needles today have been modified as new inventions come forth, the needles have been made twirled and simple both. The therapist may use the needles as he finds fit to repair the flow of energy in your body.

Advantages of Accupuncture

Some of the advantages of accupuncture that have come to notice are, it helps regulate blood pressure, in people with this chronic ailment. It has also helped people with highly troublesome problems like migraines and colds. Accupuncture regulates and stabilizes blood flow to all parts of body and helps you live a longer and healthier life.

People are finding out acupuncture a good solution for weight loss. Weight gain is because the slow metabolic rate of the body, since accupunture is able to restore proper blood flow it also helps increase proper metabolic activity. This helps boosting the process of weight loss.

Disadvantages of Accupuncture

However, there are some disadvantages of acupuncture, the reason being that it involves piercing of body with needles. People thinking of taking accupuncture therapy should ensure that therapist is properly trained and an expert in this field. He has also been certified by a good school teaching acupuncture technique. People are not very comfortable with accupunture because of the needles. However, well sterilized and clean needles should be used in accupuncture.

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