Please suggest how to increase the breast size? Give any home tips or any cream that available in Neemuch(M.P.)?

If you have small breasts, you should know that it is in all likelihood because you have a small general overall frame to begin with. The breasts nature provides are usually in accordance with the body, and are usually just right. But some people do have the problem of being particularly flat-chested. If you are one of those, it is important for you to remember that there exists is no magical method to make your bust line larger. As a matter of fact, you should also be aware that the process of growth and development of breasts takes a long time. If you are not yet past your teens, it is possible that you have not yet reached your full and complete growth. If you have crossed the age of 25 years, the chances of your breasts developing further will completely depend upon whether or not you are sexually active. If you are, then there are very few chances of them developing more. If not, it is possible that they will grow once you become sexually active. It is essential for you to eat properly and exercise well enough for your body to grow well too.

You can also do some basic exercises to ensure that your breasts are well toned and muscled, which will make them appear larger. Some of the best exercised for this purpose would be those that would make you consistently push your arms backward and your chest forward. For massaging, which is always a good technique to make your breasts grow a bit more, you can use any oil. Just make certain it is warm when you massage with it, as this will make all the difference. One of the most commonly used oils for a good and effective breast massage is that of jojoba. This will also take care of any cramping or otherwise painful problem you may have.

answered by G R

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