Mouth Burns Natural Remedies: What Cure Can I Do For A Burn From Hot Food On The Roof Of My Mouth

Mouth burns natural remedies

Hot burns of the kind you describe are generally quite superficial and have a tendency to heal themselves quite well and effectively. Saliva is the best antiseptic for such burns and will mostly take care of the problem. If your burn is too severe or if you have a boil that has come up because of the burn, then you can take some simple remedial measures to help it heal faster. You can swish buttermilk in your mouth. This will cool down the temperature of the skin in your mouth and thereby help the burn to heal a little faster. Try not to keep your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth when you have burnt yourself, since this will also aggravate the injury.

You should also keep drinking cold water and applying the cold water to the roof of your mouth with your tongue as well. This will also help bring down the temperature of the skin. You can also try to apply a paste of turmeric and clarified butter to the burn. This will help it to heal quite well and effectively. This has a bitter taste, so you might want to take care that you don't swallow it.

answered by G M

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