I burned the roof inside my mouth eating something very hot is there anything to ease the aching?

Normally, when you burn any part of your mouth due to eating, you will notice that excess saliva is generated in your mouth. This excess saliva, which is also runny in nature, is a natural healing agent for these types of burns and cuts that you may develop in your mouth due to any reason. The best thing you can do is to leave it alone and it will take care of itself. However, if it is a severe burn that has actually formed a blister, you can try to bring this down with some mild home remedies. The first ting you can do is to keep drinking cold water, as this will keep the temperature of the burn down, thus helping it to heal faster.

Eat fresh and cold yogurt in order to help with the healing process. The active bacteria in yogurt will help to heal the burn and the coolness will help not to feel the pain. Try to stick to eating soft foods so that there is no chance of anything hard or pointed hitting your burn, thus eliminating the chance of lancing it accidently. Stick to porridges, puddings and ice creams, as these can all be had cold. It is also avoidable to eat hot food for a few days as this will only aggravate the injury.

answered by G M

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